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Doug Crompton doug at crompton.com
Thu Apr 7 11:58:20 EST 2016

Hi Greg,

Unfortunately Google voice which we used in the current weather scripts stopped being available. That meant the TTS element of the weather scripts had to be modified. The new weather code is done and tested and waiting for the 2.0 release. So hang in there, it is coming.

On the difference between a DMK URI and modified FOB I have never noticed a difference and I am fairly critical of audio. There is slightly more filtering in the DMK product but they both use the same chip. The DMK URI schematic is readily available at their web site and you can compare the differences. The simple FOB has a wider frequency response as one of its uses is for headphone listening of stereo music. This is usually not an issue though as most radios roll off above the communication quality upper limit.  
73 Doug

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> Subject: [arm-allstar] Hello, and question
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> I see some info about new weather scripts on a 1.3 version but I find no 
> download for that version's image. Is there a way to get the scripts 
> themselves to compile on an older version? I don't mind updating my 
> version either. I am on a BBB. I also wondered if there was any quality 
> difference in a usb fob modified and a dmk uri.
> Thanks,
> Greg
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