[arm-allstar] RPi3 Wireless package available

Doug Crompton doug at crompton.com
Mon Apr 4 01:30:25 EST 2016

A Hamvoip package for utilizing wireless on the RPi3 is now available. This package ONLY works on the RPi3 and with the current RPi2-3 1.02beta download on the hamvoip.org website. So far tests show that wireless on the Pi3 works very well and has good range. The recommendation at this point is to get an RPi3 if you want to use wireless or use the IOgear or equivalent adapter as describe in the wireless howto on the Pi2 or BBB. The wireless howto will be updated soon to include the RPi3. For now all the instructions you need are below....

If you would like to try wireless on the RPi3 download this package to your RPi3

Web download -


Or on your Pi3 go to the the root directory 



wget https://hamvoip.org/downloads/hamvoip-wireless-config-0.1-6.pkg.tar.xz

Then install the package with the following command

pacman -U --force hamvoip-wireless-config-0.1.6.pkg.tar.xz"
when done, execute:
Select your wireless access point and give the passphrase. It will then give you further instructions and ask you to disconnect the wired connection. When the system is rebooted it will be using the wireless connection.

Note that the wireless connection will be a new local IP address. You should hear this in your radio if you had everything setup in the wired mode previously. You could also get this IP address from your router or by reading the CW from the LED on the board. 

While port forwarding is not necessary especially in mobile nodes if you don't have it enabled you will only be able to connect outbound. To setup port forwarding first make the assigned wireless IP address permanent in your router. Every router does this differently but most all have the capability based on the Pi boards MAC address to come up on the same IP every time it is booted. Once you have that setup if you desire port forwarding you can set that up pointing to the permanently assigned wireless IP address.

There is a "wireless-control.sh" script to enable and disable the wifi interface as well as showing status.
Example screen for selecting wireless access point -

Thanks to Chris, W0ANM for getting this going on the Pi 3. This code will be included in the upcoming V2.0 release.

Please forward and problems or comments to the list.

73, Doug WA3DSP

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