[arm-allstar] Picket fencing (correction)

Kevin Custer kuggie at kuggie.com
Fri Sep 18 10:59:38 EST 2015


If there isn't something in the hardware/software to rectify your 
problem, here is an easy analog circuit that will accomplish it:


Disregard all of the stuff about the ACC controller as it doesn't 
pertain, but the circuit will solve the issue you are experiencing.

Kevin - W3KKC

On 9/18/2015 10:59 AM, Robert Newberry wrote:
> I thought about this more. So when my link radio is receiving traffic 
> from the network it is in transmit. The remote audio coming from the 
> network starts to picket fence because that person is in the fringe 
> where ever they happen to be.
> So it appears when my link radio is hit in rapid fire succession 
> attempting to TX that is where the problem is. I've noticed the URI 
> has a recovery time switching from TX to RX. If a request comes during 
> that recovery no TX will happen.
> I think I need a TX delay or hangtime to keep the node in TX when a 
> user is "in and out" of a remote repeater.
> I hope this explains it better.
> Apparare Scientor
> Paratus Communicare
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