[arm-allstar] Picket fencing (correction)

Doug Crompton doug at crompton.com
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Do you have the courtesy tone turned off? You must have changed something from the stock image which has a delay and courtesy tone on end of transmission. Look at unkeywait in the wait section. I believe default is 400 ms.
73 Doug

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I thought about this more. So when my link radio is receiving traffic from the network it is in transmit. The remote audio coming from the network starts to picket fence because that person is in the fringe where ever they happen to be.
So it appears when my link radio is hit in rapid fire succession attempting to TX that is where the problem is. I've noticed the URI has a recovery time switching from TX to RX. If a request comes during that recovery no TX will happen.
I think I need a TX delay or hangtime to keep the node in TX when a user is "in and out" of a remote repeater.
I hope this explains it better.

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