[arm-allstar] fsck on PI image

B. McIntosh [Pace] bmcintosh at paceprofessional.co.uk
Thu Sep 10 11:13:53 EST 2015


I recently put together a remote base using Baofeng UV5R and Doug's PI
image. One of the problems that I have had with using Pis in a shared
environment is folk switching them off without shutting them down properly.
I normally rig up a push switch that makes the PI do  a clean shutdown for
you when you don't have a terminal handy to do it via SSH.
(http://www.feednet.org.uk/powerdownpi.htm   )

I also usually enable non-interactive use of fsck on reboot to cope with
those cases where a clean shutdown hasn't been made. This is to avoid those
circumtances where the machine won't allow you to go further without logging
in as root, but you can't login as root because SSH hasn't started yet. 

I'm not familiar with Arch Linux - can someone advise how to ensure that if
the OS runs fsck on a reboot, that it completes without any intervention ?
Or perhaps this is already done with Doug's image ?

Thanks !


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