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Outstanding.  Thanks Doug.  


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Answers in your message....

73 Doug


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My current system is ACID on a Pentium 4 with a decent amount of RAM.  It is
a desktop PC and takes about 5 or 6 RU of space.  Due to space concerns at
the site, I am considering converting my system to a Raspberry Pi 2.  My
current Server runs 2 nodes.  One is a link directly connected to a 3rd
party repeater controller and the second one is a remote base (Kenwood


A couple of questions:


1 - Does the Pi have enough horsepower to handle 2 nodes?  (Using simpleusb
on both)


YES, two is max for radios (you can have many pseudo or non radio nodes if
necessary) but two nodes on radios with simpleusb works fine. Just following
the setup instructions for adding the second node. 


2 - Once the OS and Asterisk are up and running, is it just as simple as
moving config files from the ACID box to the Pi?


Well yes and no.  Setup the Pi first and get it running with its setup. Then
also add the second node as per instructions. It would be better to just
configure the Pi the way you want it but you can carefully copy over code
from acid.  Things are different so beware of that. As an example the Pi
uses DAHDI while Acid uses zap. There is also code for iaxrpt built-in  and
some optional functions.


I think you will be surprised how easy the RPI2 is to configure. Most people
are. If you have any problems just come back and ask.









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