[arm-allstar] usbradio audio (was google text)

Kevin Custer kuggie at kuggie.com
Sun Sep 6 08:48:07 EST 2015


There is a board called the SC-50 that can be used to supply noise 
squelch and CTCSS logic for installations which require simpleusb.



On 9/6/2015 12:05 AM, Steve Wright wrote:
> On 06/09/15 09:48, Doug Crompton <doug at crompton.com> wrote:
>> [....] I do not recommend usbradio on the BBB or RPi2 or in general if you can avoid it. There is a nasty distortion that often or should I say usually shows up mostly on the transmit side - outbound - you don't hear it but othere do. It is the kind of distortion that is annoying but not so bad that it would often be mentioned BUT in my opinion it is "audio unbecoming of Allstar" !! I just want you to be aware of that. Many ignore it but I can pick it out in a few seconds of someones transmission.
> Is there any workaround for this?  I kinda like the all-in-software
> approach.
> Thanks,
> Steve

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