[arm-allstar] URI audio noise

Sam Skolfield kj6qfs at gmail.com
Fri Oct 31 16:06:54 EST 2014

Hello again to all,
I've interfaced a DMK URI to an RLC-4 Repeater controller. Everything works
great, with the exception of the common "USB noise" (high-pitched whine,
sounds like square wave) on both TX and RX audio from the URI.
Here's the troubleshooting I did so far, to no avail.

*double-checked my grounding between the URI and controller. ( RLC-4 radio
port pin 1 -> URI pin 13)
*tried different USB cables between URI and BBB
*tried powering BBB with mini-USB cable attached to charger-less laptop
instead of my +5V wallwart
*tried powering BBB with USB cigarette adapter plugged into controller's
+12VDC supply
*tried removing ethernet cable

 Any tips/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Sam Skolfield
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