[arm-allstar] Install and configure docs and radio settings

Ron Wenig rwenig at verizon.net
Sun Oct 26 08:36:13 EST 2014

Hi Doug,

Here's my setup information:

Radio - Kenwood TM-71A - using the 6 pin DIN data connector.  Menu 520 
(SQC output type) set to SQL
Simpleusb-tune-menu = 2 - RX Level = 175 ; 3 - TX Level A = 75

Thanks for your work on this.

73, Ron NY3J

On 10/26/2014 1:47 AM, Doug Crompton wrote:
> So far I have had positive comments about the configuration and 
> documentation on version 1.2.1 but as with anything it can always be 
> improved.  If you have any comments on the documentation or initial 
> configuration on 1.2.1 please forward them to me. Your input will 
> certainly be considered and will help to improve future releases.
> I would also like to start a radio database that will help with an 
> automated simpleusb.conf setup on the next release. In most cases the 
> only thing that changes in simpleusb is the "carrierfrom" setting 
> depending on the phase of your node radios COS signal. We know about 
> Alinco radios but not many others. If you can forward the make and 
> model of your radio and any changes you make to simpleusb.conf it 
> would be helpful. Also your rx and txa levels for that radio and if it 
> is connected to a standard port on the radio or is a custom modification.
> Some radios that are programmable, like Motorola's, and can have the 
> COS phase set either way.
> *73 Doug
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