[arm-allstar] "Repeater Cape" for BBB

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 The short answer to all of you thoughts is yes. We have thought about all of them. In the short term an update of the usbradio and simpleusb channel drivers is in the works. I still think that the USB audio path is a good one and improvements that have been made in the upcoming version and that will be made in the channel drivers in a future version will only make that better. The idea of a cape is a good one but designing and manufacturing something like that would be a commercial effort. If it's cost was equal to the DMK URI or maybe less it would probably be sell but if it were much more then why not just use a URI and a wall wart power supply or you could just build up a simple 3 terminal regulator off of the 12V supply. In the end it would work the same and maybe cost less. 

You do bring up a good point about the GPIO though. However there are rather inexpensive capes to buffer/driver gpio as well as relay driver boards that are dirt cheap on Ebay. Also the new versions of the code will have direct support for the watchdog timer.

I don't think there will be anything anytime soon at least not that I am aware of but if there is I think it will cost (probably substantially) more than doing it yourself. Since most hams are cheap a do it yourself solution might be the best way.  

I anyone wants to pursue this by all means do. We can work with you on the software interface if needed.

73 Doug

Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2014 17:57:53 -0700
From: randy at neals.ca
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Subject: [arm-allstar] "Repeater Cape" for BBB

Is anyone thinking about building a Radio/Repeater Cape for the BBB?
ie: a URI or RB-USB-RIM re-spun as a cape

I would be interested in a cape with these attributes.
Cape Form Factor which attaches to BBB headers (daughter board)
-12 VDC power input (power pole?) which then regulates 5 VDC for BBB supply.
-Reverse polarity protection on power input
-USB interface to BBB via usb cable (because USB is not on header)
-CM119 audio chip
-buffers for more GPIOs than URI/RB-USB-RIM
-Similar features as RB-USB-RIM   -USB/Host Heartbeat with capability to trigger in cabinet repeat in case of BBB fail

Longer term, with different audio drivers, the BBB has I2C audio driving the HDMI interface.
A repeater cape could have an I2C Audio DAC as an alternative to USB Audio.
Currently available analog Audio Capes for BBB take this approach.

Beaglebone Audio Cape

Beaglebone Power Cape

Randy, W3RWN


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