[arm-allstar] Thank you for BBB Allstar!

Doug Crompton doug at crompton.com
Fri Nov 21 00:55:33 EST 2014

You are quite welcome and I am glad you like it. Archlinux is somewhat minimalist but it is also bleeding edge. That has its pluses and minuses though, on one hand you get the latest kernel fixes but sometimes other things lag behind. Overall I think it was a good choice as many other distributions still have not fixed the problems that forced us to Archlinux in the beginning.

There is a growing community here of BBB users and if you have any problems don't hesitate to ask.

73 Doug

> Doug,
> Sam Skolfield (kj6qfs) turned me on to your BBB Asterisk/Allstar build.   Wow!   I’ve been using BSD Unix and Linux since 1982 and this is a very nice minimalist “turn-key” disto.   
> Thanks again for doing this,
> Roger Bly
> k6mwt

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