[arm-allstar] I have to smile!

David McGough kb4fxc at inttek.net
Tue Nov 18 15:15:35 EST 2014

Hi Guys,

These threads showing the myriad of ways to get radios interfaced to
AllStar just make me smile! ....All the different approaches that can be
used (many different FOBS, RIMs, URIs, etc.) just show the incredible
POWER that the AllStar solution possesses! ....You can easily move between
the extremes from a simple simplex radio with speaker and mic audio all
the way to COMPLEX repeater interfaces. Yet, all with the same software
and even using the same control computer. You can go from an inexpensive,
yet highly functional, BBB all the way to a high-end PC. All with the same
basic software and the same FOBs, RIMs and URIs.

That's really cool! Welcome to the world of Linux, Asterisk and those 
persons (Jim Dixon, et. al.) who had the vision to see these possibilities 
so many years ago.

So, let's DON'T WORRY about how a solution gets implemented---there are 
hundreds or thousands of possible solutions. RATHER, lets get some clear 
documentation explaining the advantages and limitations of the various 
methods so that users know when a FOB is fine, AND, when it isn't!

Just my $0.02.

73, David KB4FXC

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