[arm-allstar] YET, YET, Another Cheap USB FOB Mod

Doug Crompton doug at crompton.com
Mon Nov 17 23:14:49 EST 2014


  Looks good. It is always good to see how others do it. My only concern is that for the average person absolute minimum modification of the FOB would be the best avenue. It is so easy to damage and taking out the audio connectors is just not necessary although so many of the mods seem to think it is. 
73 Doug

Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2014 17:15:45 -0800
From: n8pxw at yahoo.com
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Subject: [arm-allstar] YET, YET, Another Cheap USB FOB Mod

Oh well, I might as well throw another log on the fire. Here's my version of a cheap URI. It even uses the original case. I epoxied a 0.3 by 0.6 in. small piece of perfboard where the audio jacks were mounted. I then attached a DB9 female connector to bring the signals out. Maximum recycle of parts, minimum new parts, 2 diodes, a 2n7002 transistor, 2 resistors.
    JimK   N8PXW


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