[arm-allstar] Yet another USB FOB Modification

Doug Crompton doug at crompton.com
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I suppose any of those items could be true in about 5% or less of the situations encountered by the average Allstar user. For the average user a standard FOB, whether it be DMK or modified Chinese, works just fine. I don't want people to get the idea this is going to do something special for them and they need to spend the extra money and buy it. Most all radios have TX timeouts so that point is taken care of. The other issues don't apply to most radios. I don't understand the cos/ctcss one because like PTT this is SW switchable.
Most hams are cheap and building, modifying etc. are a large part of our hobby. We usually don't put dollars and cents on our time. It's the fun of doing it. Anyone can buy something and throw it on the air. Everyone has to make the decision what's best for them. 

The FOB mod I described in the how-to on the web page is really a piece of cake. All you need to do is solder some wires on the FOB and build a minimal amount of external circuitry. I made it harder (mechanically) because I put it in a nice box which is not necessary. For $10 or less worth of parts and a few hours of your time you have an interface.

73 Doug

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    On 11/15/2014 9:30 PM, Doug Crompton

      WOW, when you are using a $50 BBB are
          you going to spend $100 for a USB interface??? I think not.
          The effort to make a $2.50 FOB work is well worth it at that
          cost. The DMK URI is only $70.




    1, When you need 8 to 10 Volts of audio like driving a FM modulator
    directly (GE M2).

    2, When you want the ability to revert to in-cabinet controls when
    the BBB blows up.

    3, When you need the additional AF filtering because you are driving
    the modulator directly.

    4, When you have the wrong polarity COS or CTCSS hardware logic and
    don't want to hack in a bunch of circuitry to correct for it.

    5, When you absolutely don't want the transmitter keyed for days on
    end because Asterisk hung and the FOB is stuck in transmit.


    That's when...


    Kevin - W3KKC




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