[arm-allstar] WIFI Issues

Ron Wenig rwenig at verizon.net
Mon Nov 10 09:00:49 EST 2014

I just tried the N10 on my Windows PC.  In the configuration for the 
adapter I turned off allowing Windows to turn off the adapter if it's 
not in use.  Also, it went dead with a message that there wasn't enough 
power for the USB hub so I connected power to the Belkin hub.  So far 
it's working ok.  I did have the power connected to the hub when it was 
on the BBB.  Also, I forgot to mention my home router is a Verizon 
Actiontech, M1424WR with other wireless devices running ok.

Ron NY3J

On 11/10/2014 8:16 AM, Ron Wenig wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I wanted to update my experience with using WIFI with the BBB, version 
> 1.2.1 and document my problems.  I'm using the ASUS N10 wireless FOB.  
> The USB hub is a Belkin F4U040 powered 4 port hub. I configured the 
> N10 to use DHCP because I plan to take this on the road for 
> demonstration purposes.
> When I boot the BBB the N10 starts working and it tells me what my IP 
> address is.  The data light starts blinking and the node is 
> operating.  After about 1/2 hour I loose the network connection and 
> the data light on the N10 goes out.  The IP address is the local host 
>  If I shutdown and reboot the BBB it still tells me it is 
> and the data light is out.  To get it working again I have 
> to shutdown and change the port on the hub that the N10 is plugged 
> into.  Then it boots up and works fine with the proper IP address for 
> another 1/2 hour.  If I connect the N10 directly into the BBB without 
> the URIx and node radio connected there are no problems.
> The first thing that comes to mind is to try another hub but I don't 
> have any problems with the URIx when it is connected to the hub.  I 
> know there are several people using WIFI without any problems.  I was 
> wondering if anyone else is experiencing the problems I am seeing.
> 73, Ron NY3J
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