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Mon Nov 3 17:41:22 EST 2014

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> Date: Sat, 01 Nov 2014 18:46:34 +0000
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> Subject: [arm-allstar] WebTransceiver
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> Hello,
>   I have a small enquiry, now, where have we heard that before ??
>   My BBB's are running fine with the update - thanks to all involved -,
> now, the problem I have given myself.
> After testing on my home network, everything working well I moved them
> to my "other" network with no changes to any configuration, other than
> the obvious (IP addresses+portforward) and cannot connect from the
> WebTransceiver.
> I am guessing that I perhaps need a proxy configured and thought that I
> would seek some advice before I really give myself a bigger problem !!
> I have other applications running on my other network with forwarding
> working OK to them.
> Regards,
> Ian..
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> Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2014 16:49:12 -0400
> From: Doug Crompton <doug at crompton.com>
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> Ian,
>   My suspicion is that you do not have the iax port forward to the new
> address. This is necessary for any incoming calls. It would be port
> 4569 udp  unless you changed it.
> It also takes some time 10 minutes or so for things to settle down
> after a change in IP address or port. Also make sure your new location
> is showing up in the rpt_extnodes list.  Look for you node in that
> file in /tmp on the BBB.
> 73 Doug
> http://www.crompton.com/hamradio
Hello Doug,

IP address' and ports are correct in rpt_extnodes list.
I have my Internet facing router set to forward to my internal router 
and my internal router set to forward to my BBB's. At first I had my 
internal router forwarding the ports to my BBB's subnet and the BBB's 
allowing a connection on the one port that is set in the WebTransceiver 
server, I then changed the internal router to forward each port 
individually to the BBB's IP address. I even dropped all iptables and 
still no joy with the WebTransceiver although everything else works as 
it should. I'm learning all the time about iptables etc so hopefully 
I'll get there in the end.



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