[arm-allstar] WebTransceiver

gm4upx at gb7jd.co.uk gm4upx at gb7jd.co.uk
Sat Nov 1 13:46:34 EST 2014


  I have a small enquiry, now, where have we heard that before ??
  My BBB's are running fine with the update - thanks to all involved -, 
now, the problem I have given myself.

After testing on my home network, everything working well I moved them 
to my "other" network with no changes to any configuration, other than 
the obvious (IP addresses+portforward) and cannot connect from the 

I am guessing that I perhaps need a proxy configured and thought that I 
would seek some advice before I really give myself a bigger problem !!

I have other applications running on my other network with forwarding 
working OK to them.



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