[arm-allstar] MAJOR HamVoIP UPDATE 1.7.0-01 RELEASED

David McGough kb4fxc at inttek.net
Sat Dec 25 15:17:01 EST 2021

Hi Everyone!

After about 1.5 years worth of development effort, I have just released a
MAJOR upgrade to the hamvoip-asterisk package.  This package includes the
Asterisk/app_rpt software, which is the software that drives AllStar.  

This is the biggest upgrade in at least a decade, with about 15,000 lines 
of changed software!!

For hot-spot, repeater and node radio users, the most visible change will
be improved performance over the older software--meaning fewer crashes and
fewer audio pops and clicks.

Hub users still running older software will notice major stability
improvements.  This software is currently in use on ALL the worlds biggest
AllStar hubs.

NOTE that if you're a user of Zoiper, DVSwitch Mobile, IAXRPT or other IAX
client software, these clients may NO LONGER CONNECT without a minor
configuration change on the HamVoIP node.  As of this software release,
the IAX2 protocol has "call tokens" ENABLED.  This is a VERY IMPORTANT
security mechanism, which classically was always forced off in the AllStar
software.  This is now changed.  To allow connections from software not 
supporting call tokens, simply modify the iax.conf file incoming stanza. 
For example:

; iax.conf

The whole list of changes is HUGE.  Some of the highlights are:

* app_rpt module -- Massive refactoring of code. Complete overhaul of 
	internal data structures and statistical reporting code, including 
	the AMI interface.  Old highly problematic "remote base" code 
	completely removed (a new remote base system is coming). Major 
	changes in process threads and priority, using work queues for 
	low-priority processing.

* Echolink driver -- The longstanding "garbled audio" issue is fixed! 
	Module unload and reload functions now work. Overall stability 
	greatly improved.  Echolink node "can't connect" issues common 
	after the client software was just launched are fixed.

* VOTER channel driver -- Major AMI performance improvements. stability 
	improvements, including resolving some memory corruption bugs 
	and mutex issues.

* Many, many areas of the core asterisk code, including IAX2 and Dahdi -- 
	Major stability improvements.

*** Please see a partial partial release comments list at the URL, below.  
	These are many of the changes since the last major 
	hamvoip-asterisk package release on June 01, 2020.  Note that the 
	gaps in revisions are where I left out long/complex descriptions 
	of algorithm changes---these are too detailed to be relevant to 
	the general user.



73, David KB4FXC

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