[arm-allstar] Help need with new nodes

Darrell Black gigahacker at gmail.com
Fri Feb 14 07:21:01 EST 2020

Hi David, I have about 20 PI's behind my firewall. I thought it was a NAT
issue also but I cannot find anything wrong. As I said, I even moved 50965
to the Amazon Cloud and it appears to have the same type of issue there.
Some of my PI's are for doors or alarm systems, some for PI-STAR and a few
for ALLSTAR. I have been playing with a DVSwitch and XLX systems also. I
have a matrix in a spreadsheet to make sure that I don’t reuse or forget a
port number. In this case I have 49267 (portable in ammobox), 50026 (hub
for club repeater, works all day and has Echolink also), 50964 (will not
take a incoming call from a pubic IP)  50965 (will take a call from a pubic

50964 both 4567 and 5203 <====supermon works from outside but
refuses connection

50965 both 4566 and 5204 <====supermon not setup yet but refuses connection

I will try to put 50965 on the DMZ and see if that works, I will report
back tonight.

On Thu, Feb 13, 2020 at 11:01 PM David McGough <kb4fxc at inttek.net> wrote:

> Darrell,
> I expect this is some kind of in-bound NAT issue.
> How many physical RPi boards do you have behind the same public IP
> address? What are their node numbers?  Are you certain all the RPi's are
> on different UDP ports? If they're not, NAT won't work was expected.
> 73, David KB4FXC
> On Thu, 13 Feb 2020, "Darrell Black via ARM-allstar" wrote:
> > All, I am having a issue with two nodes. One is kind special so I may
> have
> > messed that one up but the other is plane Jane and has the same issue.
> >
> > Both node number where requested and released on the same day. This may
> be
> > important!
> >
> > 50964 dials out, and can take incoming connections from inside my private
> > network only.
> > Someone from the outside cannot connect but I do have the ports open.
> >
> > 50965 dials out but will not accept incoming connections. This one I
> tried
> > both HAMVOIP on a PI and also ASL in the cloud at AWS and it has the same
> > issue in both places.
> >
> > I have three older nodes that work as they should and that one will take
> > both incoming and outgoing connections.
> >
> > I have a different port number for all of them, all of them have their
> > firewall ports open.  My gut tells me the to new nodes were somehow got
> > released but not setup correctly at ASL. I asked them for help but they
> > told me to go to the forums. Both nodes are logged in at
> > http://stats.allstarlink.org/  so where do I start to troubleshoot?
> >
> >


Darrell Black

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