[arm-allstar] DTMF Tones not decoding

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The Baofeng will send all the tones from radio.
menu=A up arrow=B dwn arrow=C exit=D

The "exit" button is the letter "D" but the IRLP
system doesn't decode the letter "D".

Send all the tones to an Allstar CLI client you"ll
see all the tones decoded.

Dave, KL7M

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greetings all
i have had experience with Boafeng radios and DTMF tones I have cut and
paste this article
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Sending Accurate Baofeng DTMF Tones from the UV-5R

by KK6JYT <https://kk6jyt.com/author/adminmoller001/> | Mar 21, 2015 |
Programming <https://kk6jyt.com/category/transceivers/programming/>,
Transceivers <https://kk6jyt.com/category/transceivers/> | 1 comment

Recently I was having problems sending Baofeng DTMF tones to my IRLP board.
This only seemed to happen when I was approximately 100 yards, or more,
away from the base unit/receiving antenna.
Ask For Help

One Sunday I was listening to the WIN System Tech Net (IRLP Reflector
9100), and I inquired if anyone knew anything about this problem I was
having. Shorty (K6JSI) suggested that I may need to adjust the DTMF decoder
potentiometer inside the RX radio. Ron (WB6IAG) suggested that my IRLP
audio levels might be wrong. I continued to do more research and came
across a possible solution from the *Radio Reference website*
What Was Happening

As it turns out, the Baofeng HT radio I was using to send the DTMF tones to
the IRLP board was the problem. While pressing the PTT + DTMF key(s), the
mic does not mute. This can cause the mic to pick up any sidetones from the
speaker and will overdrive and/or distort the transmitted tone(s).
The Solution

The solution is in the Baofeng’s menu settings. The menu #16 (DTMFST)
setting needs to be set to “OFF”. This is accomplished by following the
steps below.

Press the following buttons on your Baofeng UV-5R:

Menu > 1 > 6 > Menu > 0 > Menu > Exit

I have not had any further problems since adjusting this setting in the

*Note: It is worth mentioning that SOME of the Baofeng UV-5R’s do not
transmit the DTMF tone “D”. The “0” tone is transmitted when the “Exit”
button is pressed. This is a firmware problem and can not be fixed.*

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*i hope this helps*

regards Kerry

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