[arm-allstar] Custom Functions not Working

Brad Tucker brad at n1kn.com
Sun Mar 24 14:07:16 EDT 2019

Hello and thanks for the great HamVoip software. Ive been fiddling with the image for a few weeks now and have run into a couple of quarks I thought Id try to get an answer for. I can only beat my head against a wall for so long :)
First Being Custom Functions. I have tried to get scripts to execute via DTMF and it just won’t work. Ill uncomment the lines Im looking to use, restart Asterisk, and then type them in via my radio. They show up as being keyed in the asterisk log file, but there is no audio output of the command on the radio, nor do things like rebooting of the Asterisk work. If I copy the command to the shell "/usr/local/sbin/sayip.sh 49874” I hear audio auto put on my radio. I can manually type"/usr/local/sbin/astres.sh” and Asterisk reboots fine.
A1=cmd,/usr/local/sbin/sayip.sh 49874 ; Say local IP to radio ;A3=cmd,/usr/local/sbin/saypublicip.sh 49874 ; Say Public IP to radio ;B1=cmd,/usr/local/sbin/halt.sh 49874 ; Halt the system (linux total shutdown) ;B3=cmd,/usr/local/sbin/reboot.sh 49874 ; Reboot the system B4=cmd,/usr/local/sbin/astres.sh ; Restart Asterisk
I have also added command to control the Parrot command with no luck. Here is my entry. Maybe my syntax is off….
; Added by N1KN Parrot 101=cop,55 ; Parrot once if disabled 102=cop,21 ; Enable Parrot Mode 103=cop,22 ; Disable Parrot Mode

My final question is I set up Autopatch via SIP and it works great until I do a full reboot. Once the machine is reboot it requires a restart of Asterisk to start working for some reason. Seems odd. I believe this to be some sort of DNS issue as I get the following logs in my asterisk log file:
[Mar 24 10:35:36] WARNING[497] acl.c: Unable to lookup 'losangeles.voip.ms' [Mar 24 10:35:36] ERROR[643] chan_echolink.c: Failed to resolve Echolink server server1.echolink.org [Mar 24 10:35:36] ERROR[641] chan_echolink.c: Failed to resolve Echolink server server1.echolink.org [Mar 24 10:35:36] ERROR[643] chan_echolink.c: Unable to resolve name for directory server server1.echolink.org [Mar 24 10:35:36] WARNING[628] chan_sip.c: No such host: losangeles.voip.ms [Mar 24 10:35:36] WARNING[628] chan_sip.c: Probably a DNS error for registration to XXXXXX at losangeles.voip.ms, trying REGISTER again (after 20 seconds) [Mar 24 10:35:36] NOTICE[649] chan_simpleusb.c: Loaded parameters from simpleusb_tune_usb.conf for device usb . [Mar 24 10:35:56] NOTICE[628] chan_sip.c: -- Registration for 'XXXXXX at losangeles.voip.ms' timed out, trying again (Attempt #1) [Mar 24 10:36:26] NOTICE[629] dnsmgr.c: host 'register.allstarlink.org' changed from to [Mar 24 10:40:24] NOTICE[1964] dnsmgr.c: Managed DNS entries will be refreshed every 300 seconds.
At some point after a reboot the machine begins resolving names and things like echolink then begin to work, however a successful registration to the SIP server does not.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for the great img file. Ive been having a blast with it! Brad N1KN

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