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Danny K5CG k5cg at hamoperator.org
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This can be done via a one line email command sent to the email address for your pone as defined by your carrier but I would recommend using a push notifications like pushover.net. Notifications are instant and it's free for up to 750 notifications per month.


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Hello Doug,

Thank you for your expertise and your time, it’s greatly appreciated.

This is to tell you that everything works fine with the script « power_fail_check.sh » 
I now receive the log of « power failure » on the USB key as well as hearing the automatic message on the air.

I have another question regarding this: is it possible to have a text message on our cell phones when we have a power failure and another one when it turns back on? 
This is to ensure the repeaters work properly since I'm not always on the air.

For example of a text message I could receive: power fail - NODE1400 or power_fail_set - NODE1400

Thank you for your excellent work,

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