[arm-allstar] Supermon

Glenn ka5tkn at suddenlink.net
Thu Mar 7 11:01:28 EST 2019

Morning Doug....
Need a little help with Supermon...I have 4 nodes on my local LAN and 
Supermon list them all and they all connect toe the asterisk manager... 
I moved one of the nodes out to and repeater site...and got it connected 
to the internet and it has a different ipaddress. I got it working with 
the correct port forwarding. I put the new ipaddress for the node in 
place of the old LAN IP address of the node. But Supermon will not 
connect.. give me the "Could not connect to Asterisk Manager"..I'm 
lost..going in circles . give me a hint..
sorry if \I'm a pain in the %^&&
Glenn K5COD

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