[arm-allstar] Controlling CTCSS from COS

LaRoy McCann laroy.mccann at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 16:43:33 EST 2019

I have a location with 1 repeater and 1 rf link and no internet. These are
controlled from the same hamnoip controller with 2 dmk uri's.

I want to control the link CTCSS based on the repeater COS so I don't get
the link transmit id coming across all the other repeaters that are linked
thru this rf link.  I really don't want to hardwire from the repeater to
the link.  I would like to control a GPIO bit on the link uri based on the
COS of the repeater.

I'm sure there are several ways to do this.  I saw the txctcss function but
that looks like it only works on a single node, no option to give a node
number.  I am now looking at the COS_annunciate.sh script which I think
would work using the events subsystem.  I am wondering does this process
fast enough to reliably control the CTCSS?

Does anyone have any better ways to do this?


LaRoy - K5TW

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