[arm-allstar] QRM from Node

George nj3h at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 9 22:49:00 EST 2019

For some reason it seems that my yellow box node is causing quite a buzz on my Perseus SDR receiver and other HF radios tonight.  As soon as I unplug the node, the vast majority if the qrm goes away.  The sound is a pulsing buzz noise.
The next step is to add some ferrites to the various lines to the node (power and antenna).  I am really curious what made tonight different.
QRM in this neighbor hood is a huge problem.  Have others noticed qrm from their nodes?

George, NJ3H
Redmond, Oregon USADMR Node:  3141315Allstar Node:  49246Echolink Node NJ3H-L:  3135

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