[arm-allstar] Trying to blue-sky a project...

Carl Swanson engineercarl at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 8 13:17:10 EST 2019

Good day folks...
I'm trying to conceptualize a remote base project I will be deploying early next month. I have a FT-897 on-site which I am endeavoring to control via Allstar. I'm going to use a RasPi 3b+ and the current hamvoip image. I have the parts and pieces, but I am trying to more fully understand the relationship between app_rpt and hamlib.
I understand the idea that app_rpt will handle the audio and PTT via the DMK URI, and hamlib will change frequency, mode, power level, etc.
1) Is app_rpt and hamlib more interrelated in the backend? I have seen some older posts that specify that, for specific commands, you can invoke rigctl with a defined set of parameters to change the frequency and what not (I have perused the man pages, but it only got me so far).
2) If I setup rigctld and symbolically link the FTDI USB cable with an easily known moniker (such as /dev/yaesu), can you eliminate the need to call out rig type, COM port speed, stop bits, etc?
I feel like I am missing something else big here. Are there any common pitfalls that I am falling into?
Carl, K6CRSNode 2391 under re-construction

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