[arm-allstar] second node on one pi 3

Doug Crompton wa3dsp at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 01:41:11 EST 2019


 Yes you can. Actually the second node is already setup. It is node number
1999 - a private node. If you want to make it public you would have to do
some editing.

Here is the procedure to change to a public node number that is assigned to

Have the new node number and 12 digit node password handy.

Go to the bash shell from the menu.
Go into the asterisk directory.

cd /etc/asterisk

Backup the files

cp extensions.conf extensions.conf.bak
cp rpt.conf rpt.conf.bak
cp iax.conf iax.conf.bak

Edit the files

nano extensions.conf

Then type  control \   - hold control and type the \
It will say -  search (to replace):

enter  1999  then return

It will then say  - replace with:

Enter your new node number and return

You then want to type - A    for ALL instances.

Save the file  - control X  then Y then return

Do the same only for the rpt.conf file.

Then edit the iax.conf file

scroll down to register lines. They would look like this  -

register => xxxxx:yyyyyyyyyyyy at register.allstarlink.org

The x's would be your current node and the y's it password. The password if
older could be 6 digits instead of 12.

Add a NEW line exactly like this line only it would have your new node
number and its password. Make sure you get it typed in correctly.

Restart Asterisk-


You should now have a new second node with the new node number.

*73 Doug*


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> Was wondering if I can run a second node on just one pi 3, and if so can I
> set it up as a hub without a radio or interface, that way I can use the
> iaxRpt software on it?
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