[arm-allstar] Script to update Arcom RC210 Time and Date

LaRoy McCann laroy.mccann at gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 15:29:10 EST 2019

To all

I have written a script for a local club to have Hamvoip automatically
update the date and time on their Arcom RC210 controller.

I originally added the Raspberry PI Hamvoip controller to give them
Echolink capabilities on their Arcom contoller.  I noticed they were having
problems keeping the date and time set on the Arcom so I offered to help
them with that as well.  The attached script is what I came up with to make
this work.

The script will get the local time from the Pi, format it and create the
command to feed it to the Arcom using the Asterisk Cop 48 command.

It is run as /etc/asterisk/local/set_arcom_clock.sh 1|2 <node>.
 Option 1 will set the date and time on the Arcom.
 Option 2 will run a macro they have programmed that announces the date and
 <node> Is optional.  If blank it will use the first node configured in
 Other options could easily be added to the script to perform other
functions on the Arcom.

I also configured crontab to run this each morning at 3:00am.

I would like to give credit to this article that led me to the COP 48


I hope this might be helpful to someone else.

LaRoy McCan - K5TW

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