[arm-allstar] Hamvoip on orange pi zero

Doug Crompton wa3dsp at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 22:22:13 EST 2019


 I will add to Dave's comments...  This issue comes up from time to time
and I always give the same answer but here it is again...  We are not board
of the month club. HAMVOIP is quality code written for the Pi which is a
quality and well supported board. All the clone spin-offs are just that and
most if not all lack support and the quality of the Pi's. At $29.95-$35 for
a Pi 3B+ depending where you buy it there is no reason to use another board
and I think you can see why it would be a burden on us to support multiple
boards and the associated problems that would ensue. It would also diminish
the time spent on making the core code better. I won't say will won't make
exceptions and in particular the ROCK64 might be one of them. It is a very
fast board with 1G wired Ethernet - no wifi. In tests it has phenomenal
transfer speeds. This would be primarily a board used for very loaded hubs.
For the 99% of other users the Pi 3B+ (and maybe a Pi4?? soon) would be
more than adequate. Over the years boards have come and gone. The Odroid is
a perfect example which we had high hopes for that fizzled out with no
support. If a board does not have current and continuing Kernel support it
is not a candidate. This also means it probably has low sales to fund any

So I am not saying don't use spin-off boards if you have them, just not for
Allstar. There are plenty of other uses if you are looking for a project.

*73 Doug*


*http://www.crompton.com/hamradio <http://www.crompton.com/hamradio>*

On Wed, Jan 2, 2019 at 8:01 PM "Dennis Ramos via ARM-allstar" <
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> Hello guys, I just wonder if somebody manage to run/compile hamvoip on
> orange pi zero.
> Please share... thank you very much
> Dennis/m0tfg
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