[arm-allstar] Python GPIO library not available on HAMVOIP Allstar

dsouleles at cox.net dsouleles at cox.net
Sat Sep 29 11:04:52 EDT 2018

Hi -


New to HAM radio and Allstar!  (Not new to computers or programming 40 years
and a CTO)  I have what I think is an easy question -


I am trying to write a simple Python program to control a reset/powerdown
switch on my node.  The Python RPi.GPIO library does not appear to be
installed, nor is pip which is required to load it.


Normally I would do this:

pacman -S python python-pip base-devel

pip install RPi.GPIO


However python-pip won't install due to package incompatibility.   Didn't
want to start backing out things and reinstalling and break the node.  Would
appreciate any guidance.  


Thank you to the community and for all you do,


Dean Souleles




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