[arm-allstar] No Connection

Chris Viningre chrisviningre at gmail.com
Fri Sep 28 01:26:11 EDT 2018

Today I discovered that my wife's node was not connecting to other nodes.
It shows connected on the Allstarlink status but I cant get it to connect
to anything. The only thing I can think of that happened sense it was
working last week is that to power was off one day when we got home and the
RPi was not turned off prior. In the client I get this message:   ==
Refreshing DNS lookups.
[Sep 27 23:15:04] NOTICE[1233]: chan_iax2.c:9839 socket_process:
Registration of '47433' rejected: 'Registration Refused' from:

Chris Viningre
70 W. Roadrunner
Salt Flat, Texas 79847
C:(915) 504-1510
chrisviningre at gmail.com

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