[arm-allstar] Feature possibility?

Doug Crompton wa3dsp at gmail.com
Sun Sep 23 22:20:16 EDT 2018


 This is something we have talked about a lot. The IOpipe channel driver
will certainly offer that possibility. but anything you do would only be
able to offer so much if the levels are way off. First of all if clipping
has taken place somewhere along the line you can't fix it and a very low
level would just bring up background noise and probably make things worse.
I think the best answer is for us to let people know when they have an
audio problem. I often hear audio issues and no one comments. Users have no
idea something is wrong unless someone tells them.

Unfortunately we are entering an "Echolink world" here on Allstar meaning
more and more are using phones, computers, pads, etc to communicate making
Allstar more like Echolink in regards to level issues. Also many radios
differ widely in deviation and how close you should be to the mic. You tell
someone to back off the mic
 and the next time they transmit they forget and are back on it again. Some
of these things need to be fixed by the users and some are fixable or at
least can be made better with a compression audio levelling system and
hopefully IOpipe will its possible add-ons will help.

*73 Doug*


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> Audio leveling.
> Some are loud some are soft. Is something available in software to keep
> everyone in the same ballpark range?
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