[arm-allstar] supermon node info

Mike Besemer mwbesemer at cox.net
Tue Sep 18 18:51:06 EDT 2018

Thanks Ian... it's fixed now.  

I tried to run ./astdb.php manually and got a 'Segmentation Fault (Core
Dumped)' error.  Rebooted the machine and was able to run ./astdb.php and
now the Supermon page reports correctly.  



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> Hi all,
> I currently have 3 nodes running and I'm trying to figure out what's 
> going
> on with the Node Information displayed on the Supermon page.
> If I connect node 48969 to node 48166, the 48166 Supermon page displays 
> the
> node info for 48969 correctly.
> If I connect node 48969 to node 48656, the 48656 Supermon page displays
> "Someone's Private Node" in the node information block.
> I've attached screenshots, if the emailer will allow the attachment.  I
> swear I've seen this before, but I've been stuffing so much HamVoIP 
> info
> into my cranium lately I can't recall what it was.
> 73,
> Mike
> WM4B

My first check would be the astdb.txt file at node 48656 to see if 48969 
is in it.

Assuming 48656 and 48166 are on different machines.


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