[arm-allstar] LOG

Luc Drolet VE2LUQ ldrolet at cgocable.ca
Mon Sep 10 06:20:45 EDT 2018

Hello to you,

I do not have my LOG on my USB key?

I created a CDR.conf file in /etc/asterisk
who has his info:  « edit"

enable = yes
loggingsafeshutdown = yes

usegmtime = yes
loguniqueid = yes
logusrfield = yes

after i go to /etc/asterisk/modules.conf , « edit"
and I delete the "NO" in :    load = cdr_csv.so

finally I went in ssh mode with Putty- in the 9 menu start bash shell interface
I put this command so that the info is on the USB key
mkdir /media/NODE1415LOG/cdr-csv
my usb key is aptly named "NODE1415LOG"
without space between words now

I can see on my key the subfile CDR-CSV but it is empty
the file "MASTER" is missing

can you tell me how to create this file so that my IAXRPT and ZOIPER user log is in this file on my USB key?
because all my users have a different username
and I want to know who uses his access

Thank you for your help


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