[arm-allstar] Kenwood TH-D74A DTMF issue

Jan Timmers jaunti at gmail.com
Mon Sep 3 14:11:51 EDT 2018

Hi there - using a new Kenwood handheld with my AllStar node (45868) and
noticed that I would have issues using DTMF *3(node) to connect my node to
others.  Using CLI from the admin menu while pushing the keys on the
handheld, I notice that all the characters echo properly, except 3.  The
other keys I can hold down and they echo only once.  When I hold down 3 it
echoes numerous times.  The only time a connection between nodes would
complete properly was if I held the 3 down just a very short period of time
(ie: less than 1/2 a second...) so that the proper sequence was sent.

So I've been doing some experimenting with this handheld, and also did some
google search using keywords "TH-D74 AllStar node DTMF" and saw others had
similar issues.  I saw one possible solution might have something to do
between FM and NFM.  I see that my TH-D74 has that setting, and I've been
using FM with my AllStar node.  I change the setting on the handheld to NFM
with the frequency (434.850 and PL 162.2) I use to connect to my node, and
looked on in wonder and amazement to see that now I have a properly
functioning DTMF 3 (confirmed with CLI).

I've seen a youtube video about the difference with FM and NFM as it
relates to AllStar communications (apparently NFM is not very acceptable as
audio quality suffers), but if I want to use DTMF with the equipment I
have, it's what I will need to do.

Just an observation about my own experiences.  And to assist others that
may have a similar situation to mine and were also wondering about a
resolution to their problem.

John Timmers VE7JBT

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