[arm-allstar] Address to use SuperMon away from home network

Neil Mooney neilmooney at live.co.uk
Mon Jan 29 11:11:14 EST 2018

Instead of using a dynamic DNS provider you could try using <your node number>.asnode.org

If your node is 1001 your address would be 1001.asnode.org

This works as long as your node is registered with allstarlink and doesn't need you to install any software to keep the DDNS updated.


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A few points....

  Supermon and allmon are http  applications and for them  to work externally requires that port 80 tcp be forwarded in your router. Some providers do not allow outgoing port 80 from their customers although this is much less common than it use to be. If that is the case the http port can be changed in the apache configuration.

In order to reach your system from a remote location you need to use the public IP address assigned to you by your provider. This is most often a dynamic address meaning it can change. You could check it using your allstar with a command  - dns-query <yournode>  The problem is is could change. The answer is to use a free Dyndns so that you address your home system by a domain name rather than an IP address. This domain name is then converted to an IP address which follows any changes that might happen to it.

All that being said be aware that the current allmon and supermon programs of any version are extremely insecure. It is very simple for a hacker to get into your system and your network if you open up ports to either of these programs. We are working on a fix for that and it should be out in an update very soon. Until then I would NOT recommend  opening your system to remote allmon or supermon.

73 Doug

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What address do I use to connect to my home node using SuperMon when away from my home network?  I’ve tried to use the address listed in the Allstar registration but that doesn’t go any where.


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