[arm-allstar] Dtmf follow up

Kerry McKenzie kermck at gmail.com
Sun Jan 28 07:40:37 EST 2018

Well it all became clear today when a friend turned up with a pi 3 this
I had burned an image on the same card for a second time and was still
struggling, and if not worse.
 Wanting to keep this image decided I would burn a fresh image for the pi 3.
Taking a fresh card 16 gig class 10 Sandisk I put it in the pc and
proceeded to burn a new image.
I was very surprised to see the burn speed at least 3 times the speed of
the old card which was the same type 16 gig class 10.
The penny dropped... bet you have a crook card my friend said, and sure
enough he was spot on as the new card configured up and worked perfectly
with dtmf tones decoding without a mistake. Even keying as fast and short
as I could it was decoding perfectly.
I can only assume the card must have been deteriorating and after writing
the second image to the same card it never dawned on me the speed of the
write to the card until I used a new card out of the packet.

So my lesson is learned that in future if things go wrong I will burn my
backup image to a new card first and test it as I have spent days trying to
figure out why my dtmf tones had been failing to work then the tx audio
itself beginning to deteriorate as well with the second image burn on the
old card.
So tuck this away in the back of your mind should things begin to go wrong
with your node before you go tweaking like I have spent days doing check
your card by replacing with a backup and see if your issues go away before
doing any tweaking.
Thanks to all those who replied
Regards Kerry VK4TUB
Kerry McKenzie
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