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Doug Crompton wa3dsp at gmail.com
Sat Jan 27 21:36:48 EST 2018

NEVER archive to the SD card or Pi ram. It sounds like that is what you are
doing if you are losing it in a reboot. While the SD card would save it, it
could also be damaged very quickly and the RAM is not large enough and is
volatile. On a busy system the WAV files take a lot of space.

Archiving must be done to an external device. The best thing to use is a
USB stick. You can get 32G, 64G and even
128G and larger sizes. You would then need to mount it and direct the
archive to that directory. Anything that is external would work even a USB
hard drive connected to the Pi.

You also have the option of saving it on another system but I would suggest
not doing this over the Internet unless yo have a large pipe
 at both ends. Saving to a local computer on the same LAN might be a better

You also could use broadcastify to save all audio to their site where it is
archived and you can look back through it later. In this case it is not
individual files. This would also give other and opportunity to listen to
your repeater. A howto on broadcastify is on the hamvoip.org web page.

*73 Doug*


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On Sat, Jan 27, 2018 at 8:07 PM, "John Huggins via arm-allstar" <
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> Hello,
> We put in a thumbdrive and set the archivedir to point to it.
> Immediately we see .WAV files show up for every key-up to our
> repeater. Kudos to the developers as this is exactly what we want.
> Very cool.
> However, we noticed that during a system reboot all previous WAV files
> are deleted. This is certainly not what we want.
> I'm not quite sure what is performing the delete action, but I assume
> it is the hamvoip/allstar package.
> Question:
> Is there a way to prevent deletes of archived information to actually
> make the archive directory an archive?
> Thanks.
> 73
> John, kx4o
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