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 Well as far as I know teamviewer is graphical program that would not run
on our Archlinux. It will run nicely on Ubuntu though and you could
possibly setup Ubuntu on a Pi and see if it would run there. I have a Pi3
running Ubuntu mate and it works reasonably well. Once you got into that Pi
you could ssh over to your Allstar Pi. Worth a try. Let us know if you are
successful . It might be a good howto!

*73 Doug*


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> Is it possible to put TeamViewer on a node? The reason I'm asking is I
> have a repeater running on a Verizon Mifi that I need to access. For the
> sum of $500 they will give me a static IP address and I will be able to set
> up port forwarding. Without the fee.... zip zero nada! I had a Guru buddy
> put a "backdoor" on it and it worked till they discovered it. I was
> thinking TeamViewer might get me back in. The node is running the latest
> software.
> Jim NH6HI
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