[arm-allstar] any Eagle users on this mailing list? I'd rather not reinvent the wheel...

M M wa6ilq at outlook.com
Wed Jan 24 12:54:30 EST 2018

I'm designing yet another USB audio board.

We use the Eagle schematic capture and PCB layout software at
work so I'm wondering... Does anybody have the following parts
in their Eagle library?

If someone else has already created the parts and has them in
their personal parts library it makes no sense for me to reinvent
their wheel... (or are they already there and I just can't find
them?  I'm not an expert Eagle user)

C-Media CM119 / CM119A   USB audio chip
LMR62421   5v to 15v charge pump
TLV272 dual op amp
TLV274 quad op amp
LMC6482 dual op amp
AT93C46A serial eeprom (1 kilobit)

Thanks in advance


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