[arm-allstar] heartbeat led

David McGough kb4fxc at inttek.net
Wed Jan 17 09:26:35 EST 2018

Hi Alan,

This is normal behavior with the simpleusb driver as of the firmware 
release at the end of October, 2017 (as of: 
1.4.23-pre.hamvoip-V1.5.3-20-app_rpt-0.327-10/29/2017 )...

The always faster heartbeat indicates that the audio fob is always in 
full-duplex audio mode. I found that this change improved performance, 
mainly reducing audio latency and reducing or stopping the occurrence of 
"chopped off" first syllables when the TX is first enabled. I haven't 
noticed any negative side effects (????), so far. I run all my systems 
in full-duplex, at this point.

If for some reason you need the original half-duplex-when-idle behavior, 
you can revert to the old mode by setting duplex=0 for the node stanza in 
the simpleusb.conf file.

73, David KB4FXC

On Wed, 17 Jan 2018, "Alan Matthews via arm-allstar" wrote:

> hi group
> when modifying my fob the chinese open type i notice the heartbeat lead blinking speed does no longer change when data is present.
> my earlier fobs had the led blinking slowly when idle and rapidly when data was present, now the heartbeat flashes rapidly at the same rate all the time.
> has anyone seen this and is there a fix.
> thanks
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