[arm-allstar] What is this?

Chris Viningre chrisviningre at gmail.com
Sun Jan 14 16:00:27 EST 2018

I did a FAST RESTART in Supermon and saw this in the Allstar client. It
keeps going over and over. It stopped when I unplugged USB2 and plugged it
back in. Everything is working fine. I just wanted to know what this was.

[Jan 14 13:48:00] WARNING[3029]: chan_simpleusb.c:2332 simpleusb_read:
Possibly stuck USB read channel. [usb2]
[Jan 14 13:48:00] WARNING[3029]: chan_simpleusb.c:2340 simpleusb_read:
Nope, USB read channel [usb2] wasn't stuck after all.

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