[arm-allstar] Asterisk restart (astres.sh) unable to bind socket (UPDATE)

Lawrence Roney roney at chiarappa.com
Sat Jan 13 18:00:59 EST 2018

I did 'netstat -atunp | grep 5038'

It looks like the EZStream (Broadcastify feed) was holding the port open.  When I killed the EZstream process, it released port 5038 and now astres.sh works OK again.



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I've noticed recently when I use 'astres.sh' to restart Asterisk, it will fail.  It appears that Asterisk is not unbinding the port (socket) that is defined in manager.conf 

Here's what I get:
# astres.sh
Restarting Asterisk...
Unable to connect to remote asterisk (does /var/run/asterisk.ctl exist?)

If I execute # asterisk -cvvvv I get:
  == Manager registered action ListCommands
  == Manager registered action UserEvent
  == Manager registered action WaitEvent [Jan 13 13:26:21] WARNING[1559]: manager.c:3159 init_manager: Unable to bind socket: Address already in use

If I fully reboot or if I change port = 5038 to something else in manager.conf then Asterisk will restart.

Any ideas?

Lawrence N6YFN

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