[arm-allstar] Raspberry Pi3 Failure

Chris Souleles csouleles at prodigy.net
Fri Jan 12 16:17:02 EST 2018

Excuse if this is a duplicate message.  I don't know if the first one went through.  

I have a RPi3 in a node that stopped working.  With testing I determined that the RPi 3.3 V is bad, it is only 1.25 V at test point 8.   The 5 V is ok and the 1.8 V is ok.  I tested this with nothing connected and the SD card removed.  This board is only a few months old.  Has anyone experienced a failure on the 3.3 V and have any idea what could have caused it?
In this node I am using the DMK URi and a FT-7900 radio.   
Can something in the USB interface have caused this?  Can a corrupted SW in the SD card could have caused this?  I have ordered a new board but would like to try and understand why it failed before I install a new board and potentially fry it since I don't know why this one failed.  It could be just a random failure?????
Thanks,  Chris - W6CS - 73

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