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 Unfortunately that is the price you pay (or don't pay!) for cheap radios.
People who buy them in quantity (10-20 lots) often find that several have
issues and just take the loss adding it into the overall price per radio. I
would suggest you buy from somewhere where it is easy to make free returns
like Amazon. You might pay a little more but it is worth it in the long
run. That is one of the problems with cheap stuff. When it arrives and does
not meet expectations returning it is more costly than throwing it in the
trash and forget repairs. The sellers know this so they have no incentive
for quality.

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> I have recently had quality problems with new Baofeng products purchased
> from Main Trading Company.  I am wondering if anyone else has experienced
> problems with Baofeng.  On two BF888 radios, one arrived stuck on VOX no
> matter what (tried turning it off with CHIRP, Baofeng SW and manual), and
> the other is ok.  On three UV-82HP radios the DTMF buttons for A,B,C are in
> the wrong order on the keypad.  On all the radios the keypad instead of
> A,B,C order the buttons are C,A,B.  Once I figured this out I can work with
> it since I now know what buttons do what.  One of the UV-82HP charging
> cradles didn't work and I had to have a new one sent.  The dual PTT speaker
> mic arrived stuck on transmit even when no are buttons pushed and I am
> having to have it replaced.   Is it just my bad luck or is anyone else
> experiencing this type of thing with Baofeng.  I realize the stuff is
> inexpensive but for me the minimum threshold is that it actually works.
> Chris - W6CS
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