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Thanks for the info. With what you had provided for the DTMF pass thru and the info for macros by others should help us out here a bit. 

Just out of curiosity....You mentioned methods are different if both nodes are on the same server. Can you elaborate on that method for future reference? 

Thanks again 

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The reason I was asking that was the method to send between servers is 
different then on the same server. I think Tim already gave you info on how 
to command a node on another server. The other thing is to use that method 
you have to be connected to the node you are controlling. So yes you can 
send commands to another node if you are connected to it. See my comments 
on this below. 

If you need to pass DTMF here are the options - these commands are to be 
placed in simpleusb.conf - 

dtmf_dsp=0 ; NO allstar command decoding, DTMF pass thru 
dtmf_dsp=1 ; Normal Allstar DTMF decoding and muting - this is the 
dtmf_dsp=2 ; BOTH normal Allstar DTMF decoding AND DTMF pass thru. No 

Note that the *4 remote control in Allstar is a bad security hole that we 
are in the process of looking to correct and at least for now I expect 
everyone to use this responsibly. It has been in Allstar since forever and 
is a useful tool but I think all will agree it is NOT to be used without 
the permission of the remote node unless it is an emergency like 
disconnecting a hungup node. Users should have the ability to turn this 
control off or use some kind of a pin code to make it more secure. It is a 
powerful command but also one that could be abused. Back when it was 
created with several dozen Allstar users no one ever thought of the number 
of users (and hackers) that we have today! 

*73 Doug* 


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