[arm-allstar] Audio Drop Out

Chris Souleles csouleles at prodigy.net
Wed Jan 3 15:47:36 EST 2018

I'm having a strange problem with one radio when I use it to key my node.  My node is RPI3, DMK URi and BF888.  When I use my IC7000 to key the node the transmitted audio cuts out periodically. Those listening on the other end report to me that the audio drops out.   When I listen in echo mode I can hear it drop out.  When it cuts out I can see the COS lines clear.  I also use two different Baofeng radios (UV5R, UV82HP) and an Anytone radio and they do not do this, only the IC7000.  I've checked the IC7000 on my node frequency working into another radio with TSQLCH set and it works fine, no audio cut out.  I've lowered the power on the IC7000 down to a couple watts and still the same problem with the node.  It does this running mobile or with the IC7000 in my shack running off a DC power supply.  Any ideas?  

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