[arm-allstar] BF888 VOX wont turn off

Chris Souleles csouleles at prodigy.net
Tue Jan 2 16:27:39 EST 2018

I have a couple BF888 radios that I use in nodes.  The other day I discovered the VOX was on.  Using CHIRP I tried to turn it off, but each time I read the file back from the radio, it was still on even though I had uncheked the box in the file I sent to the radio.  I then tried to turn it off manually by holding the PTT and MONI buttons while turning on the radio in CH 1-5 (per the manual).  This also did not turn it off.  As an aside I have used the manual method to turn off voice prompts and that works, but turning off VOX does not.  
Anyone else had this problem and know how to get it turned off. 
Thanks,  Chris - W6CS - 73.  

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