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  The A and B TX levels are the same audio just different outputs. The USB
FOBS have stereo - 2 channel output. On the DMK URI this is pin 22 and 23.
We normally use 22 which is level A.  I generally tell people without any
measurement equipment to set the TX level so that the level you hear
listening to your node is about the same level as listening to a local
repeater on the same radio. This is only what you or someone listening to
your node locally via RF hears.

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On Mon, Jan 1, 2018 at 5:53 PM, "Chris Souleles via arm-allstar" <
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> A couple questions trying to understand how things work and how to make
> adjustments.  My node is RPI3, DMK URi and BF888.
> What is actually being changed when I adjust the Transmit A level in
> simpleusb?  I assume this is not actually changing the RF power level of
> the radio in the node.  Is this the level being transmitted from the radio
> to the radio/usb interface?  I don't notice much difference when I change
> this setting.
> Also is Transmit B level only used if I have a second radio in the node.
> Right now I have it set to zero and everything seems to be working.
> Thanks,  Chris - W6CS - 73
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