[arm-allstar] config for split rx/tx

Dan Keizer ve4drk at gmail.com
Mon Jan 1 13:26:25 EST 2018

Hi there - been using the hamvoip distro for a while now - works great.
We even used it to experiment with linking in different repeater systems -
tests went well for us.

Since we don't have much in the way of 220MHz repeater systems here in
EN19-land, we decided to try out a little linking project.

We run a highspeed 2.3GHz, 3.6GHz and 5.8GHz ham network here in the city
and area and have access to some decent building/tower sites - reference:
http://va4wan.ampr.org/  Now, with space and electricity always being an
issue, we wanted to run it in a low-profile mode, for both space and power.

I picked up a number of the USB audio dongles a while back and we have a
surplus stash of some small maxon synthesized 5watt radios - and with the
recent sales on, i was able to pick up a couple of 220Mhz cushcraft
antennas for a decent price - so ,with my extra pi 3's i have, we put
together a little project.

one site will have a raspberry pi, usb dongle, maxon radio and a 220mhz
receiving antenna.  It will also tie into our highspeed va4wan network.
the other site will have a raspberry pi, usb dongle, maxon radio and 220mhz
transmitting antenna.  it also will be line-of-sight to our highspeed
they are separated apart both vertically and horizontally to not cause a

I've defined the nodes to be private for now and they are networked.
i'll be making my final mods to the configs today and powering up the units
and test this out --- anyone done something similar to give some insights
as to what else to watch for?  i don't expect any issues, but always
interested in hearing others opinions and how things went.

73, Dan ve4drk

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